The new Royal North Shore Hospital Acute Services Building opened in November 2012. The new Intensive Care Unit has just turned 11 years old. This movie showcases what has been created through the eyes of a patient requiring major surgery.

The Intensive Care Unit at the Royal North Shore Hospital has long been an international benchmark for clinical excellence and training. It has success rates unequaled in the world for treatment of many diseases and conditions. Every year over 3,000 patients are treated; the majority of whom are suffering life threatening illness or trauma.

While it is located in Sydney and services the extensive “northern region” health zone, it is also a “statewide” and “national” treatment centre for some specific conditions and procedures. There is much collaborative work carried out here and many ICU personal from around Australia and the world were initially trained at RNSH.

The ICU medical staff have the highest levels of qualification and are renowned leaders in their respective fields. This congregation of talent makes the RNSH Unit an ideal place to conduct Intensive Therapy research and training and to develop new techniques and procedures. It’s role as a major training centre for Australian and overseas ICU personnel place it ideally to further promote ICU education.

In November 2012 the Intensive care unit moved into a brand new state of the art 58 bed unit. This incorporates:

  • Two 16 bed General ICU pods ( Major Trauma / Burns / Spinal Cord injuries)
  • 13 Bed Cardiothoracic Intensive Care
  • 13 Bed Neurosurgical Intensive Care

This level of excellence places the RNSH ICU team among the best in the world. The challenge now is to match this clinical excellence with an excellence in research that will ensure the legacy continues. The Northcare Foundation is charged with securing the funding to build on this and to develop this research capability to it’s full potential.

For more information on the new intensive care unit http://rnshicu.org/location/brand-new-unit.

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