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The Northcare Foundation was established in 1997 as a not for profit charity to promote excellence in education and research within Intensive Care Medicine. The primary focus of The Northcare Foundation is to raise funds to support the Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital. This unit has always been at the forefront of clinical excellence and innovation within Australia and it is recognised worldwide as a leader in ICU research and training. It treats in excess of 3,000 patients annually and is the only unit in NSW catering for all types of adult intensive care; including spinal, trauma and burns.

Since the inception of Northcare Intensive care research at Royal North Shore and in Australia has made major steps forward, in part related to the funding provided by Northcare. Northcare’s goal of funding ICU research by providing seed money to take projects to the stage where grants could be obtained from major funding bodies has been achieved. The support by Northcare of Dr Gordon Doig, an internationally renowned epidemiologist fully employed at Royal North Shore has also been a major part of the success due to his expertise in planning and monitoring research projects.

Additionally Northcare has helped to funda grant-program offered by Royal North Shore Hospital assisting Critical Care Nurses to undertake advanced studies such as Graduate Certificates in Intensive Care nursing and the Masters degree of Critical Care Nursing.

The Northcare Vision

The Northcare vision is to promote excellence in Intensive Care education and research through providing financial support.

The aims of the Northcare Foundation are:

  1. Promote health, through education and research.
  2. Promote and facilitate healthcare delivery and research among the North Sydney area community and to provide leadership and excellence in intensive care research throughout Australasia.
  3. Apply research to product development within Australia.
  4. Further knowledge of medicine and science by promoting the conduct of research in those fields
  5. Establish research links with other Sydney and interstate intensive care units.
  6. Attempt to discover the nature and causes of human diseases and other human afflictions.
  7. Provide financial assistance to any organisation, person or body of persons whether corporate or unincorporate to promote and advance education in and research into medical knowledge and science.
  8. Encourage the making of gifts and testamentary dispositions to the Foundation to enable it to carry out it’s objectives.
  9. Support postgraduate research fellows in their work towards higher qualifications and degrees.
  10. Provide support for educational programs relating to research conducted through the Foundation.
  11. Disseminate information concerning the work of the Foundation.

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