About the Scholarship Program and Scholarship Recipients

In 2019 the Northcare Foundation donated a total of $125,084.00 of funds to Students working at the Royal North Shore Hospital via the Northcare Foundation Scholarship Program.

Over the past 10 years, the Foundation has committed to providing Scholarship Program’s for Students working at the Royal North Shore Hospital, and have funded over $825,000 worth of scholarships.

Some of the recipients of the 2019 Scholarships have provided a brief statement on how the Scholarship Program has benefited them personally, academically and professionally.

Sarah Bishop

I am currently working within 6G ICU and have worked there for the last year and a half. My nursing experience prior to ICU was on the respiratory ward for six years. I have completed a Master in Advanced Nursing specialising in Clinical Practice at the University of Technology Sydney. I am currently eRIC champion for 6G, assisting staff with ongoing concerns with eRIC since it was launched late last year. In the last week, I have also become a 6G champion for patient diaries and I will commence education and continuing support to staff in the implementation of this project over the next few weeks.

I am currently enrolled at the University of Sydney in the Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care Nursing. I maybe not only growing as a clinician on the floor with patients but take on more roles and responsibilities in the care and management of patients, family and staff throughout the ICU arena. I believe in advancing my career and that continually gaining knowledge and understanding is paramount in the management and care of patients, intertwined with experience.

The support of the Northcare Scholarship program will enable me to continue gaining and developing skills which I will be able to use within the ICU in the provision of proficient and effective health care for patients and their families; while also supporting the multidisciplinary team.

Adeline Bruce

My name is Adeline Bruce and I have been nursing at Royal North Shore Hospital in the 6H General ICU since my first day as a New Graduate nurse just over two and a half years ago. My journey from day one to where I am now has been challenging, dynamic and extremely fulfilling and, I can safely say that I have found my passion and purpose through this vocation. There are so many aspects of work that I love but in particular providing patient care and developing a rapport with patients and their families is what drives me to be the best nurse that I can. I place significant value on high quality, safe nursing care through utilising evidence based practice and remaining up to date and have embarked on postgraduate studies as a commitment to this.

I believe that completing the Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing will facilitate further development in knowledge and skills and contribute to my growth as an ICU nurse. RNSH ICU and 6H have timelessly provided education and support and I hope to reciprocate and contribute to the ethos, culture and commitment to lifelong learning shown by the unit. I envisage that my studies will help me contribute to a culture of quality and safety through the patient care I provide, involvement in quality projects and commitment to the professional development of myself and others.

The Northcare Foundation Scholarship Program is yet another example of the ICU’s commitment to education and development of its nurses and I would be extremely grateful and humbled to be a successful applicant. I have not applied or received any scholarship funding from the Ministry of Health and hope that this scholarship will ease the financial commitment associated with my studies.

Adrian Perry

My name is Adrian Perry and I work in the General Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH). I am currently undertaking Postgraduate studies in a Master of Advanced Nursing, majoring in Clinical and sub-majoring in Critical Care at the University of Technology of Sydney (UTS).

I have worked in the General ICU for six years. Prior to this I worked in the Medical Assessment Unit, Transfusion clinic, Ambulatory care and the Cardiac, Renal and General Medicine Wards within RNSH. My previous studies include a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Tasmania in 2011 and a Post-Graduate Certificate of Critical Care in 2016.

In recent years I took on the responsibilities of a more senior ICU nurse. I have completed the Team Leader and Rapid Response Rotational positions. I have been a preceptor for New-graduate and New-starter nurses for the last three years. I lecture the ‘Principles of Ventilation’ for staff on ventilation study days and teach undergraduate nurses at UTS. I am an Advanced Life Support Assessor and currently work in 6G as a Clinical Nurse Specialist.

My main goal is to continue to advance my clinical knowledge to provide the best possible care for my patients and to be a resource for my fellow ICU colleagues. I would like to continue to develop my educational skills through the Master’s degree and by participating in the ICU Rotational Clinical Nurse Educator position.

The scholarship will be of great benefit to my ongoing learning and development as it will assist me to undertake further study without financial stress and with the knowledge that I am supported in my studies. I am very passionate about my nursing career and always seek to progress my clinical knowledge and expertise through study to improve my practice and obtain my career goals. Below is a brief biography.

Alice Knudsen

Thank you for your kind consideration and opportunity to apply for the above scholarship from the Northcare Foundation. I am applying for this scholarship to assist towards my Post Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management at Univeristy of Technology Sydney, which I commenced in the Spring semester in August 2018 and have since completed in June 2019.

Financial assistance from the Northcare Foundation Scholarship will ease the burden of working full time and studying.

Amanda Godfrey

My name is Amanda Godfrey and I am currently a registered nurse, employed in the general Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital.  I have been working in critical care for the last 9 years, and this year I have decided to further my education, and I am currently completing my post graduate certificate in Critical Care with the Australian College of Nursing.

I hope by achieving my post graduate qualification, it allows me to increase my theoretical knowledge and continue to provide a high standard of evidence based care, and hopefully gain the confidence to progress towards future goals, such as becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist within the unit, and to be part of the Rapid Response team.

Ann Park

I am a current post graduate certificate student at University of Technology Sydney and a full time critical care nurse at Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH). I have worked in RNSH for 7 years now started my career as an enrolled nurse in the oncology unit, completing my nursing bachelors in 2014 and transitioned into a critical care registered nurse ever since.

I have strong passion for my career and take pride in the role I am currently in. I strive to keep my level of skill and practice as a nurse by further continuing my self-development through post graduate studies and other learning opportunities given from the education department of RNSH.

I would greatly love to be given this opportunity of scholarship not only because the expenses are difficult to manage but it is a great opportunity for me to better my education as a member of health care team. I plan to advance my learning in my career and return to the community.

I am a hardworking nurse and even a harder work student. I hold great value to my learning and bring it back to my practice as a nurse. I believe firmly that every education that I get will never go to waste and it will be distributed on to other peers and new graduate/nursing students.

Annaleise Honnef

My name is Miriam, and I have recently completed my graduate diploma in Nursing, majoring in critical care nursing. This diploma completes the second year of my Masters of Nursing which I endeavour to have completed at the closure of first semester this year. The studies which I have completed to date have allowed me to extend my clinical practice in intensive care, enabling me to provide nursing care to a range of complex clinical situations in order for me to contribute to the healthcare team in providing the best possible outcomes for patients and their families. Moreover, the theoretical knowledge and clinical skills which this course has given has equipped me to extend my professional roles within ICU to act as nursing Team Leader, Preceptor to newly graduated nurses and to assist in the development and role-out of new clinical guidelines. Additionally, I have undertaken a range of subjects which has exposed me to multiple different fields of nursing. These include management and leadership, education, quality assurance practices and research. Studying each of these areas has allowed me to identify the aspects of nursing which I feel most enthusiastic about and where my strengths are focuses. Subsequently, this degree has helped me identify nursing research as the direction which I would like to take my nursing career. The Northcare Foundation has been of tremendous benefit in assisting with scholarship funds towards my area of study, which in turn has expanded my knowledge, skill and confidence in many aspects of nursing.

Christopher Kelly

I commenced my career as a Registered Nurse in 2017 in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH). I have continued to develop my passion in critical care nursing through increased exposure, education, and care of the critically ill in our community. I am currently undertaking a Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing at the University of Technology Sydney, due to be completed at the end of 2019.

The course enhances critical care skills as a clinician and therefore has direct application to RNSH ICU. As an ICU nurse I am responsible for the care and education of patients, families, and colleagues in our community. I have outlined the relationship between coursework and workplace below to demonstrate the importance of these studies.

Postgraduate studies in critical care nursing have directly transferable skills and knowledge to practice in the ICU. The subjects Fundamentals Critical Care, Health Breakdown, and Complex Critical Care have provided me with greater insight and confidence in the delivery of informed, holistic healthcare. Discussions on pathophysiology, pharmacology, in addition to ethical and legal considerations when caring for a critically ill patient have enhanced my practice.

I aspire to use the knowledge acquired in the graduate certificate to increase the proficiency of my clinical skills to better serve patients in RNSH ICU. Furthermore, I hope to share the information I attain with my team to improve the level of care that we provide in our workplace.

In conclusion, I wish to thank the Northcare Foundation for the continuing support they provide to the nursing profession and the health of our community.

Ellie Sargeant

I commenced my Graduate Certificate program in Critical Care Nursing earlier this year, completing my first two initial subjects during the first semester.

Emma Cardwell

I am writing to you as an applicant for the Northcare Foundation Scholarship 2019. I am currently undertaking the Bachelor of Nursing with Professional Honours (Critical Care) at the University of Tasmania. I commenced my nursing career at Royal North Shore Hospital in 2017 as a new graduate in the general intensive care unit. The challenges and triumphs of intensive care nursing that I have experienced over the past two and a half years has confirmed that this speciality is for me and motivated me to undertake postgraduate study.

The dynamic nature of intensive care has led me to dedicate myself to this specialty. I enjoy the diverse patients we care for. I take great pride in delivering high quality and efficacious care that eases the physical and psychosocial burden of an intensive care admission for patients and their support network.  I am passionate about evidenced-based practice and have a special interest in the long-term sustainability of public health care, health information technologies and palliative care.

The Bachelor of Nursing with Professional Honours (Critical Care) has further developed my critical care skills equipping me with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to grow my career. This educational investment also has far reaching value for my colleagues and the department at large. I have already found ways to contribute to the department as a member of the End of Life Care working party, volunteer with the P.A.R.T.Y program, new graduate nurse preceptor, and Electronic Record for Intensive Care (eRIC) clinical champion. Royal North Shore Intensive Care Unit has a reputation for high quality and cutting edge care and I foresee this education giving me the skills to contribute positively to this culture.

It is a privilege to work for a hospital and a department which values and seeks to further the development of nurses.

Gregory Parnell

I have worked at Royal North Shore Hospital  in the general Intensive care unit for two years, having commenced my nursing career here as a new graduate nurse in 2017. This year I have undertaken a Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care Nursing at the University of Sydney. If successful this scholarship would provide exceptional support in developing my knowledge and clinical judgement skills which I can bring to the Intensive Care team.

Hannah Cook

My name is Hannah Cook and I am currently employed in the general Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital. I have been working in the critical care environment for the past 10 years and this year I have continued my ongoing education by progressing from my post-graduate certificate in Critical Care Nursing to a Masters of Advanced Nursing at the University of Technology in Sydney.

The relief from financial worry during this academic year will allow me to focus on my studies and help me to achieve my learning goals. I have not been eligible for any government fee help.

I hope that by achieving a Masters in advanced nursing I can continue to provide a high level of evidence-based nursing care and progress towards my goal of becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist within the unit.  I will also use this Masters as a base to continue my education.

Hollie-Anne Morris

My name is Hollie-Anne Morris, I am currently a RN and will be completing my CNS application later this year after my manager reviews it. I have been working at RNSH ICU since November 2015, however my experience in a critical care environment extends back to January 2014. I feel I have found my passion within ICU and have developed as a bedside nurse. As an example, I contribute my skills and experience to RNSH ICU as I am regularly allocated as the access nurse either in 6G or across the floor, I completed the team leader secondment in winter 2017 and I have taught several P.A.R.T.Y programs over the past few years. The program extends beyond the normal day-to-day duties and is designed for high school aged students to help reduce the trauma, alcohol and drug incidences in young people 15-17 years.

I have been an eRIC superuser since the eRIC roll out in October 2018. Being a superuser allows me to train and help nurses, Doctors and allied health staff with issues they might be having with eRIC. I am currently undertaking a secondment within the rapid response team. This allows me to support the ward staff when patients are unwell and need closer monitoring, as well as being there during a medical code blue emergency all while helping build and improve the ICU and ward nurse relationship by being positive, compassionate and approachable.

I am currently enrolled at UTS undertaking a Masters in Advanced Nursing with a major in Management, I am scheduled to complete my studies in October 2019. I chose to undertake further studies to expand my career opportunities within the ICU at RNSH. I want to combine my clinical skills and experience while developing my knowledge of management disciplines such as financial management, understanding leadership, building a motivated team and organisational change. I am looking forward to the future of combing my years of clinical experience with my new knowledge of leadership to maintain the high level of optimum patient care and improving patient outcomes along with staff retention which are huge health priorities for the future.

Joanne Calderwood

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to apply for the above scholarship for my post graduate studies.  My name is Joanne Calderwood, I work at Royal Northshore hospital in the Intensive care unit. I have been working in the critical care environment since 2008.  I am currently undergoing a post graduate course with the Australian college of nursing.

This scholarship will ease the financial stress from study, as I work full time and will be studying part time, this will help with the overall stress of returning to education after more than 10 years away from University. I have previously had one subject paid out as I started mid year, this application is for the three remaining subjects. Thank you for the opportunity. It is very much appreciated.

Kabita Shadha

I am Kabita Shadha, a Clinical Nurse Specialist within the Intensive Care Unit, Royal North Shore Hospital. Firstly, I want to thank you for the ongoing support and encouragement Northcare foundation has been providing for the registered nurses to pursue their post graduate studies. I have been lucky to have worked  in this environment for last 7 years. I have recently completed my Graduate certificate in Health Service Management (December 2018) and currently undertaking my Master of Health Service Management via University of Technology, Sydney.

Once again thanking you for the generous encouragement.

Katelyn Davis

I would like to thank you and the Northcare Foundation Scholarship for supporting?continuing education with this opportunity?for financial assistance and taking the time to evaluate this application.

I am currently employed as the Clinical Information Systems (CIS) Manager of the Electronic Record for Intensive Care (eRIC) for NSLDH (RNS and HKH ICU) based at RNS. I have held this role since eRIC went live in NSLHD Oct 2018.  Previous to becoming the CIS Manager I have worked as a Registered Nurse in the Neuroscience ICU since 2012. I held the position of CNS since 2015.

I believe I have demonstrated a commitment to ICU, which would make me an appropriate candidate for the Northcare Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship would assist me greatly in funding my ongoing education. I decided to pursue ongoing education because I want to learn and gain skills that I can use on a daily basis. Skills that will help contribute to the ongoing development of the Electronic Health Record, so that it is a system that allows clinicians to perform their roles efficiently.

If selected for this scholarship, I will continue to apply the same diligence to my Post-Graduate studies as I have to this point.

Keith Dorman

I have been a registered nurse for over 15 years, and so ICU nursing is a huge part of my DNA. It is what defines me as a person, and is reflected on how well I care for my patients.

I have worked in intensive care in both the UK and in Australia since 2003, and I now consider RNSH my home, and it is for this reason I have undertaken the huge responsibility for studying for masters.

I would like to thank the Northcare Foundation for taking time in considering me for any Scholarship they see fit. The Northcare Foundation would be of a tremendous benefit in assisting me with my studies, as it would help with the financial burden of returning to University.

In undertaking my Masters of Pubic Health that is very strongly focused on public health in practice, emphasizing improved health outcomes across entire populations, I will hopefully be able to help in health prevention an health promotion through education not only with my patients but also to my fellow colleagues.

Kelly Harbour

I have previously received scholarships from the Northcare Foundation for a Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing, and an Advanced Nursing Masters course with much appreciation. I have also attended the Northcare Foundation dinner and expressed my appreciation and gratitude as a speaker in 2018.

With the Northcare Foundation scholarship support I have completed the Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing, and a Master of Advanced Nursing. I have worked as a Nurse Manager in the Intensive Care Unit, on the Rapid Response Team, as Clinical Nurse Specialist, as a Research Coordinator and currently as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Vascular Access team. I will now undertake the Nurse Practitioner Masters, at Sydney University, hoping to become an Intensive Care Nurse Practitioner at Royal North Shore Hospital.

I am a highly motivated and committed Intensive Care Clinical Nurse Specialist wishing to become as skilled and knowledgeable in my practice as my mentors at Royal North Shore Hospital. I am working hard to make a difference in the unit through evidence based guidelines and specialized patient care. This scholarship opportunity is very much appreciated as valuable assistance in my ongoing studies. Thank you again very much for the opportunity.

Larissa Sirotti

I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital where I have been employed since 2012 and am currently completing a Master of Advanced Practice at the University of Technology, Sydney which will be completed early 2020.

I have worked in Intensive Care for 18 years within several units across Sydney, specialising previosly in General ICU. I have previously held positions working in both Education and Management roles, however I always seem to make my way back to the clinical floor. I have a special interest in patient safety and quality and have chosen my elective subjects within my course to reflect this.

Other subjects within the course have been useful within the Intensive Care Environment and have already made a positive impact on my clinical practice. For example, Evidence Based Practice and Research have given me a greater appreciation of translating current research into clinical practice. Previous subjects on Assessment & Diagnostic Reasoning and Advanced Pharmacology have also expanded my clinical practice within the ICU.

I have previously completed a Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care Nursing (2004), a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Management (2015) and a Masters of Nursing in Clinical Leadership (2007). I have previously received, with great appreciation, a NorthCare scholarship for one semester in 2015 towards a previous degree.

I can still remember my initial pursuit of knowledge that I had when I started in Intensive Care and thankfully that still remains.

Lauren Connors

I am currently studying the Masters of Advanced Nursing Practice in Critical Care at Griffith University. I have been working full-time as a Registered Nurse for five years, four of those in Intensive Care. I completed my transitional intensive care training course over one year at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, this required many hours of study and presentation preparation as well as clinical practice. I was honoured to be named the recipient of the Charlene Cook award for Clinical Excellence in Intensive Care, this is awarded to one nurse a year in the Hunter New England Local Area Health District within Intensive Care.

I then moved to Sydney to work in the Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore. Since becoming part of the team at Royal North Shore, I have worked in 6H for almost three years. I have had many opportunities here including; completion of the team leader secondment, Electronic record for Intensive Care (eRIC) super-user, involvement in the patient diaries in 6H and assisting in staff training days. These opportunities have given me skills in leadership and teamwork, as well as the knowledge and confidence to support and teach junior nursing staff.

I am an enthusiastic learner and have completed many courses to further my own professional development including; ECMO, CRRT, advanced life support, teaching and learning, HAART and SLICE training. It is a privilege to work with the highly skilled and professional team at Royal North Shore intensive care unit and wish to contribute further by completing my post graduate studies as I have an interest in clinical nurse education and wish to pursue this. The Northcare scholarship will allow me to continue my studies and further my continued professional development in intensive care nursing at Royal North Shore Hospital. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to apply for a Northcare Foundation Scholarship to assist with the financial burden of post graduate study.

Megan Dixon

I am 27 years old and have been an employee of Royal North Shore since 2012. My career began as an Assistant in Nursing on Orthopaedics whilst completing my undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing degree. Upon graduation, I was fortunate enough to gain a Graduate Registered Nurse position in the Intensive Care at Royal North Shore in 2014, where I have since gained a permanent contract and continue to work full time.

The Masters of Health Services Management incorporates 10 subjects over the course of 3 years. My intended completion is December 2020.

The Northcare Scholarship allows me to solely focus on developing my knowledge and broadening my skills in Management and leadership, thereby advancing my career and allowing me an opportunity to give back to the ICU at Royal North Shore. The scholarship would ease the financial pressure that is created by completing further studies in the early stages of my career; therefore allowing my focus during work and study hours to be optimal.

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this Northcare Scholarship; the skills and knowledge that have been developed this year will improve my ability to care for the critically ill and vulnerable at Royal North Shore.

Natasha Hendy

I have just completed by Masters of Advanced Nursing with a Major in Management through UTS. I will graduate in October 2019 and after slowly completing this degree part time whilst working full time in ICU at RNSH.

Last year was a big year, where I was temporarily seconded to a new role within ICU and became the Clinical Engagement Manager within the eRIC implementation team. We were a small team of three staff that trained and implemented this new system at RNSH. We were the 15th site to ‘go-live’ but were the largest to date to implement this program state-wide. This electronic system, was ICU specific and meant that most of the paper charts were replaced and there were direct feeds from many ICU machines such as ventilators directly to the nurse.  Implementation of this system has changed how nurses work during their day and how they interact with their patients. The data is realtime and allows for indepth clinical decisions to be made of accurate trending data. This project concluded in February this year and was seen as a successful implementation.

My substantive role at RNSH ICU is that I am the NUM of 6G.  Completing this degree was not only a pre requisite of obtaining this position, but also has given me the theory to back my clinical decisions.  I love working within the ICU team here at RNSH and have done, since 2007.

Northcare has supported me in the past and for this I have always been extremely greatful. To provide financial support for our nurses to better their knowledge and in turn look after our patients using evidence based practice is something quite special.  RNSH is a collaborative Medical / Nursing model that was championed by yourself and Ray Raper.  I am truly honoured to work within this environment and thank you for considering my application.

Nicholas Adam

I have worked at Royal North Shore Hospital Intensive Care Unit since 2012, commencing as a new
graduate nurse in the Cardiothoracic ICU. Since then I have completed my graduate certificate in
critical care nursing (supported by Northcare) and used this qualification to support the patients and
staff within the unit as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, and more recently as a Clinical Nurse Educator and
Donation Specialist Nurse.

Since then, I have undertaken a Master of Advanced Nursing through the University of Technology,
Sydney (UTS) and have used this qualification to work in the Resuscitation CNC role and support our
ICU staff and patients of the wider hospital in delivering excellent critical care outside of the ICU.

Samantha MacDougall

My name is Samantha MacDougall, I am a registered nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Initially, I would like to say thank you to the Northcare Foundation for continuously supporting and encouraging registered nurses to pursue their post-graduate studies.

I have been working in the Neuroscience Intensive care for three years and developed a passion for intensive care nursing. I’m currently undertaking my Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing via the University of Technology, Sydney.

Thank you once again for encouraging professional development of Intensive Care staff.

Sarah Woodbridge

I hold the position of Between the Flags Acting Clinical Nurse Consultant Intensive Care Royal North Shore Hospital and I am undertaking a Master of ‘Advanced Nursing’ which will be completed at the end of 2019.

The course structure has close relevance and application to my immediate work in ICU where I share responsibility for the coordination and supervision of the Intensive Care based Rapid Response Team and the Between the Flags program throughout the hospital. In order to demonstrate this nexus between the subjects studied and current and future workplace benefits I have provided some examples.

Many of the subjects studied have proved greatly beneficial in that the acquired knowledge can be specifically transferable to the workplace. For example, the subjects Health Systems and Change and Research in Health, I feel have provided me with greater insight, knowledge and skills to implement evidence based change initiatives to ensure the best possible care for my patients. The investment here will be ongoing.

In conclusion, I wish to express my gratitude to the Northcare Foundation and thank them for the opportunity to make this application. I trust that the information supplied is of benefit to the Foundation in making its decision and I would be pleased to provide further information if required.

Stephanie Donoghoe

This year I have commenced the, Master of Advanced Nursing, at the University of
Technology Sydney.

Steven Cork

My name is Steve Cork and I am a registered Nurse currently employed in 6H ICU. I have been employed in ICU for 7 years. This year I commenced a Masters in palliative care. When deciding on post graduate studies I considered pursuing critical care specific qualifications but on reflection felt that given my experience in ICU a qualification in the area of palliative care would be of great benefit to my practice in the ICU setting.

I am very committed to continuing development of my nursing practice and delivering safe, quality evidence-based nursing care. During my time as part of the ICU team I have worked many end of life and palliative patients and it has become an area of interest and something I feel very passionate about. I feel that pursing a master in palliative care would be of great benefit to my nursing practice and a very useful skillset to improve care of patients and family in the ICU setting.

This year I have enrolled in two Subjects, communicating in palliative care in the Autumn semester and Managing complex patients in palliative care. This scholarship would help me greatly by helping with the ongoing costs of post graduate study and help with the balance of working fulltime and studying.

Sushila Khadka

I am a registered nurse working in intensive care unit at Royal North Shore Hospital. I am currently studying Master of Advanced Nursing at University of Technology, Sydney. This is my last semester and will complete the course at the end of this year.

With the knowledge and experience that I have gained through this post graduate education I would like to contribute to the unit by fostering good patient care with compassion and best practice.

I am forever grateful for the support Northcare has provided throughout the years by providing scholarships. I would like to thank you for any financial assistance that you are able to provide.

Thea Holman

My name is Thea Holman and I have been working in Intensive Care at Royal North Shore Hospital for 18 months. I am currently studying a graduate certificate of Intensive Care Nursing at Sydney University, and wish to apply to the Northcare Foundation for funding of my course costs. I have not previously received funding from Northcare nor from the Ministry of Health.

I began my nursing journey in 2010, undertaking a graduate program at RNSH and have since worked in neurosurgery, general medical/surgical and flight nursing. I felt moving to ICU a natural career progression and since starting in early 2018, I have felt continuously supported by all the staff in the unit.

I truly feel that RNSH offer world class education to their staff and it is a privilege to be able to apply for funding to undertake postgraduate studies. From studying a Graduate Certificate of Intensive Care Nursing, I feel armed with greater knowledge and confidence to manage the sickest patients within the unit, taking theoretical study and applying it practically on the front line. Studying further not only keeps me up to date on current practices and trends within ICU, it has allowed me to examine my own practice; questioning, analysing and evaluating daily activities within our ICU and comparing them to current research and literature.

I also feel the Northcare Scholarship will benefit me in that it will allow for further career progression with RNSH ICU. I am interested in applying for roles within organ donation, research and RRT, with many of these roles having a post-graduate as pre-requisites.

Tyson Perrin

I wish to sincerely thank you and The Northcare Foundation for the generous financial assistance
received in recent years. I am honestly grateful for these wonderful contributions which have assisted my
continued progression and successful completion of a Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing and soon to complete Master’s studies, due for accomplishment in October this year. I am extremely satisfied and excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am pleased to announce that my current employment has recently changed and I have been successful in my application for Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in the neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (ICU). I have also been successful in gaining new employment opportunities and have been seconded into the position of Quality Coordinator (QC) of the ICU as of January 2019. This year, I am also proud to announce my GPA of 3.21 and expected completion of a Masters in Advanced Nursing Practice with credited sub-major of critical care nursing through the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

The inspiration behind my decision to continue my professional nursing development has been influenced and motivated during recent years by my compassion in caring for others. I have thoroughly enjoyed the higher postgraduate level challenges and critical care specific topics covered having a direct association to increased depth-of-knowledge and specific skills in my current nursing position at RNSH ICU. Completion of this Master’s degree will have enormous benefit towards my current and future practice in caring for the critically ill. By undertaking and accomplishing these Masters studies, I have already and will further develop my nursing leadership skills with intention to strive for a variety of advanced nursing employment positions and opportunities upcoming within ICU at RNSH.

I am also pleased to inform that I have received huge benefit in the development of knowledge and skill during this 6-month temporary secondment team-leader position in 6F ICU. Leadership units undertaken in this Masters course at UTS have aided in my development of knowledge required to undertake these team-leader and quality coordinator nursing positions. My career progression endeavours remain similar to my previous application letter last year of aiming for application towards Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE) in Neurosurgical Intensive Care and the potential to strive for Clinical Nurse Consultant (CNC) opportunities in a Neurosurgery specialty.

I would like to reinforce my gratitude for the consideration and support of The Northcare Foundation in
assisting my educational progression.

© The Northcare Foundation

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