About the Scholarship Program and Scholarship Recipients

In 2018, the Northcare Foundation donated a total of $146,026.00 to Students working at the Royal North Shore Hospital via the Northcare Foundation Scholarship Program.

Over the past 9 years, the Foundation has committed to providing Scholarship Program’s for Students working at the Royal North Shore Hospital, and have funded over $700,000 worth of scholarships

Some of the recipients of the 2018 Scholarships have provided a brief statement on how the Scholarship Program has benefited them personally, academically and professionally.

Alice Robinson

My name is Alice Robinson and I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist currently employed at Royal North Shore Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit. I was accepted into the direct entry new graduate program in ICU at RNSH in 2008, and it was then I had found out my vocation and developed a passion for caring for the critically ill. In 2010, I was fortunate to receive a Northcare Scholarship for my post graduate certificate in Critical Care Nursing which gave me the opportunity to improve on my nursing practice by expanding my previous knowledge base. Since then I have continued my own professional development and career progression by completing roles such as as Team Leader, Clinical Nurse Educator, Rapid Response Team  Nurse, and most recently the After Hours Nursing Unit Manager. After working and progressing into the management roles, I’ve realised further tertiary education in management would be beneficial for my career progression. The Northcare Scholarship will benefit me with ongoing support for continual education in the area of Health Services Management, which I am extremely grateful.

Keith Dorman

Let me introduce myself, my name is Keith Dorman and I am a father of two, and if being a dad isn’t busy enough, I have decided to go back to University to achieve my life long goal.

I have been a registered nurse for over 15 years, and so ICU nursing is a huge part of my DNA. It is what defines me as a person, and is reflected on how well I care for my patients.

I have worked in intensive care in both the UK and in Australia since 2003, and I now consider RNSH my home, and it is for this reason I have undertaken the huge responsibility for studying for masters.

I would like to thank the Northcare Foundation for taking time in considering me for any Scholarship they see fit. The Northcare Foundation would be of a tremendous benefit in assisting me with my studies, as it would help with the financial burden of returning to University.

In undertaking my Masters of Pubic Health that is very strongly focused on public health in practice, emphasizing improved health outcomes across entire populations, I will hopefully be able to help in health prevention an health promotion through education not only with my patients but also to my fellow colleagues.

Grace Leigh

My name is Grace Leigh. This year, I have completed my Master of Health Service Management after 3 years of part time study. I will full time in the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care, and have been a nurse for over 8 years. My studies have helped me successfully achieve clinical nurse specialists status; along with this, I have had the opportunity to increase my clinical and leadership skills by working as Team Leader in a 6 month rotational position. I have also had the pleasure of participating in the 2018 Hand Hygiene ICU Quality Project. This Scholarship has been so helpful in supporting me financially through my postgraduate studies, and I am very grateful to the generous donators of the Northcare Foundation.

Greta Davis

My name is Greta Davis and I have worked in the Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore since 2014, where I started as a new graduate registered nurse. I am currently enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing with the aim to expand my knowledge and skill base to provide high-level care to my patients and families. Throughout my time working in the general ICU, I have developed a passion for working within this speciality. I particularly like caring for our longer-term patients and following their care from the acute stage of illness to their journey in the ward. I hope to use my qualifications to continue to provide care for my patients and progress in my career to an advanced clinician.

Kate Barnes

My name is Kate Barnes and I have been working as a Registered Nurse in the General Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital since early 2017. After completing my final placement as a nursing student in the neuroscience ICU at Royal North Shore, I knew that ICU was the place for me. As such after completing my new graduate year on the wards at Hornsby Hospital, I spent about a year working in the ICU at Concord Hospital before changing to my current position.

I am passionate about critical care nursing, and a key reason I wanted to work at RNSH was the many opportunities for career development offered in this area. I am currently undertaking a Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing which is a key step towards many of the senior roles and rotations available within ICU. Knowledge of potential support from the Northcare Founcation made the decision to pursue these studies much easier as I was far less concerned about the financial burden this may have entailed.

Katie Kelleway

My name is Katie Kelleway and I am working as a Registered Nurse in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit at the Royal North Shore Hospital. I started in this Unit in 2016 as a new Graduate Nurse. Working in this unit with such amazing staff has made me the passionate Nurse that I am today. Since being in the Unit, I have learned not only to support the patient but their families as well. I really love what I do, and I am driven to continue and improve my practice in this area. I have recently completed the Graduate Certificate in Critical Care that has allowed me to increase and further my knowledge to extend my clinical practice knowledge. This qualification not only improves by practice, but the care that patients and their families are receiving in the Intensive Care Unit. This qualification will help me to grow professionally by opening new doors to more senior roles such as Team Leader and Clinical Nurse Specialist. The Northcare Foundation Scholarship program has helped me to achieve my goal of continued studies in an area that I am extremely passionate about.

Bhavni Pankhania

I am in the fifth year of my nursing career and am currently working in the ICU. Previous to this, I worked in ED for about 3 years. I am so impressed with the support and encouragement I have experienced in the ICU, and am very motivated to continue my progression through the department. The exemplary work of the Northcare Foundation has allowed many nurses to pursue postgraduate education, leading to a highly skilled and experienced department that this surely one of the leaders in nursing excellence. A Northcare Scholarship would mean that I can focus on extending my experience through further education without the stress that would be otherwise associated. I hope to continue working in the ICU and taking every opportunity offered to me in order to become a better nurse, and contribute to the high standard of care experienced by our patients.

Hannah Cook

My name is Hannah Cook, and I have been working in the Intensive Care Unit for the past 10 years. I developed a passion for Intensive Care Nursing early in my career as a student when I completed my critical care placement. After qualifying, I completed 4 years of ward nursing before moving into Intensive Care and have remained in the environment ever since. I have worked in both the UK and Australia in small district general hospitals and major trauma centres.

I have found my place now at RNSH general ICU and appreciate the support of the unit in working towards completion of the Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing followed by a Masters in Advanced Nursing. In order for nurses to deliver optimal patient are, it is paramount that we maintain and continually update and evaluate our clinical skills, practice and knowledge. Furthering my education at the University of Technology means that I can contribute to provide all patients and their families with contemporary quality care, and better anticipate their needs and illness trajectory. I hope that completion of my Graduate Certificate in Critical Care will allow me to practise at an advanced level and to share this knowledge in my workplace, and engage with my colleagues to promote an environment of education and research.

Isaac Holmes

My name is Isaac Holmes and my current role is a fifth year Registered Nurse in the General Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH). I completed my new graduate training at RNSH in the Cardiothoracic surgical ward and the Medical Oncology Unit. I started working in the ICU in September 2016. Throughout my career, I have made it a priority to maintain constant clinical intelligence and increase my clinical scope of practice. I am currently in my second semester of the Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing at the University of Technology. I am thoroughly enjoying my studies. It is really interesting learning specific and detailed evidence based theory at university and then seeing it applied first hand in clinical practice at work. Furthering my studies has been integral to my goal planning and career development. I am gaining the clinical skills to get me closer to achieving goals such as Clinical Nurse Specialist in ICU and rapid response nurse throughout the hospital. If successful, the Northcare Foundation Scholarship will allow me to progress career development without the financial burden, something for which I am extremely grateful.

Mikaela Hedge

My name is Mikaela Hedge, I am 25 years old and an RN3 working in the general intensive care unit (ICU) at Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH). I have worked here since my new graduate position began in February 2016 and have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities for learning that such a large ICU provides. I am currently partaking in the Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Thus far, although challenging at times, I have thoroughly enjoyed the course provided by UTS. It focuses greatly on real life situations and case studies which I feel are extremely educational and relatable to my job as an RN at RNSH ICU. The Northcare Foundation Scholarship would greatly assist and relieve me of any financial stressors while studying. I am very passionate about continuing my education and am striving to get the very most out of this course. I intend to continue my learning later in the future and feel that financial assistance in the first graduate certificate will increase the likelihood of being able to return to university and study further down the track of my career.

In 2018, the Northcare donated a total of $146,026 to Students working within the Royal North Shore Hospital Intensive Care Unit via the Northcare Scholarship Program.

Annaleise Honnef

My name is Annaleise and I have been working as a registered nurse part of the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care team at Royal North Shore Hospital for the past two years. My background includes cardiology and medical ward nursing. I have loved the opportunities that working in ICU has provided and enjoy the challenges that the specialty brings.

In order to grow my knowledge and skills I am currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing through UTS. This course has helped me expand my understanding of complex critical conditions and has supported me in providing the best care to my patients. The Northcare Foundation plays a vital role in supporting nurses in completing further educational courses and plays a pivotal role in promoting a culture of education at Royal North Shore ICU. This is so important for patient outcomes. I hope to use the knowledge gained from my Graduate Certificate in furthering my professional development. Thanks to my Graduate Certificate, I am motivated to undertaking further educational opportunities in the future.

Richard Wang

My name is Richard and I currently work in 6F, a neuroscience intensive care unit at Royal North Shore Hospital.

For the past four years working as an intensive care nurse, I have come to value the importance of tertiary education, and how it ensures that the most complex and highest level of care is delivered to my patients’ and families.

My growing passion to improve my critical care knowledge and skills, has led me to study a Graduate Certificate in Critical Care with the University of Technology, Sydney. This certificate has enhanced my knowledge and nursing skills, allowed me to provide greater quality of care to my patients and their family, and function as an important resource member of ICU. With the completion of my certificate, I aspire to make a valuable contribution to critical care nursing, and uphold the tradition of health care excellence at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Northcare Foundation’s scholarship would really lift a huge financial worry during my postgraduate study. I believe your investment in the professional development of my nursing career would inspire me to continue learning and encourage me to become a better critical care nurse in the intensive care unit.

Sarah Woodbridge

My name is Sarah Woobridge and I am currently employed as the Between the Flags Acting Clinical Nurse Consultant at RNSH. I have worked as an intensive care nurse for 10 years, the last 8 of which have been at RNSH. During this time I have been developed my skills through the position of Clinical Nurse Specialist and ICU Quality Co-ordinator. The scholarships provided by the Northcare Foundation assist greatly to reduce the financial burden of postgraduate study. Completing a Master of Nursing degree has enabled me to pursue my career goals, share my knowledge and experience with others and provide patient-centred care.

Adrian Perry

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Charlotte Holliday

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Hollie-Anne Morris

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Jessica Butler

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Joanne Calderwood

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Kristen Watson

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Megan Dixon

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Natasha Hendy

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Paul Weir

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Tyson Perrin

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Victoria Stockdale

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