2016 Recipients

Adrian Perry

My name is Adrian Perry, I work in as a registered nurse in intensive care at RNSH. I have been working at North Shore for the last 4 years and have enjoyed all the challenges and rewards that come with the profession. I have a particular passion for intensive care and the in-depth and holistic care that patients require in this environment. Intensive care has a culture of excellence and further learning. Through the Northcare scholarship I have been encouraged to pursue a post-graduate degree in critical care without the stress of money, for this I have been very grateful. With this qualification I hope to provide better care and continue to encourage the learning environment that already exists in ICU.

Bronwyn Williams

My name is Bronwyn Williams and I am currently employed as the Resuscitation Clinical Nurse Consultant at RNSH. I have been part of the Intensive care team at Royal North Shore since January 2009 and have had the opportunity to work in a number of roles during this time including as a Clinical Nurse Educator, Clinical team leader and Clinical nurse specialist. I believe that a nurse’s decision to undertake further study is greatly influenced by the financial implications of study.  Northcares scholarship support has enabled me to continue with postgraduate studies through lifting the financial burden of tertiary study and I believe that the foundation has therefore been fundamental in the expansion of my professional development and knowledge and skill base which in turn has improved the care I have been able to provide to patients and families at RNSH.

Courtney Goggin

My name is Courtney Goggin and I am currently working as a registered nurse at Royal North Shore Hospital in the Neuroscience Intensive care unit. I started in this position as new graduate in 2014. Over past two and a half years I have developed a strong passion and interest for critical care nursing. After my second year in this position I decided to complete my Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing through the University of Technology Sydney to advance my skills and professionalism in the critical care environment. This course has be beneficial in expanding my clinical and professional knowledge and has been a great stepping stone for furthering my studies by completing my Masters in Nursing in the future.

Hailey Fenton

I am extremely grateful to the Royal North Shore Intensive care unit along with the Northcare Foundation and would like to thank them for their ongoing support. Achieving a higher level of education in my field of practice has given me success in the application of further professional development roles in my unit such as Team Leader and Rapid Response Nurse. As I enter my last semester of University I am so grateful to the Northcare Foundation and the education it has provided me and many of the critical care nurses I work along aside of everyday.


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 Katelyn Davis

My name is Katelyn Davis and I have been a Registered Nurse within the Neuroscience Intensive care for the past 4 years. I have recently completed a six-month secondment as the nursing team leader in intensive care and as of November 2015 I have been a member of the Rapid Response Team. In 2015 I completed a graduate certificate in critical care nursing.

I decided to continue my own personal and professional development by studying the graduate certificate in Health Services Management at UTS. The Australian health care system is constantly evolving and I understand how it is important for registered nurses to continually develop professionally to increase their clinical skills and knowledge within the critical care specialty. I believe there are many career opportunities available to registered nurses within intensive care and by completing this degree I will use this knowledge and confidence to apply for more senior roles and take on more responsibility within ward. So far this degree has allowed me to tackle practical challenges at the cutting edge of health service design and management. I have been exposed to real-life and professionally relevant action-orientated projects along with rapidly developing and refining my knowledge of the major structural and functional components of healthcare systems. This knowledge is greatly beneficial as it can be specifically transferable to my workplace. I am undertaking a subject who will allow me to learn how health care data collected contributes to policy development. Further, this degree has provoked my enthusiasm in contributing to research, education and quality within intensive care.

I see that the Northcare Scholarship will not only benefit myself but also the colleagues that surround me.  There are so many career opportunities available to registered nurses who have completed post-graduate qualifications and for this reason I am very grateful that I can be supported to continue my post graduate studies. I am very grateful for receiving the Northcare scholarship and thank those who have the time and money to support its existence.

Julia Pilowsky

Hospital for three years.  I began working at RNSH as a new graduate in anaesthetics and recovery where I began caring for critically ill patients and discovered how rewarding this can be.  I completed the Clinical Accreditation Program in critical care last year that included an emergency department rotation which allowed me to develop my critical care nursing skills in yet another context.  My experience in these areas has also highlighted how unique the intensive care environment is and reinforced my passion for working in critical care.


Thanks to Northcare I have been able to study the Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing at the University of Technology Sydney.  This course has greatly expanded my knowledge of the theory behind intensive care nursing and shown me how to apply it at the bedside.  Patients in the ICU are particularly vulnerable and I am now able to better meet their complex needs and deliver appropriate nursing care with increased confidence.  This qualification also allows me to provide supervision and support to more junior staff and undertake leadership positions.  I am very grateful for Northcare’s generous assistance in furthering my education and subsequently improving the scope and quality of my patient care.

Jessica Butler

I would like to sincerely thank the Northcare Foundation for their continuing support of nursing education at RNSH ICU. I truly believe we are so lucky to have a foundation which nurtures and fosters an environment of continuing professional development within our workplace and know that it contributes to the outstanding care provided by our unit. I am proud and honoured to work with such professionals on a daily basis, and am fully aware that the support of Northcare is not to be taken for granted as contributing to our great unit.

Jenny Bartipan

My name is Jenny Bartipan and I am currently employed in the cardiothoracic intensive care unit at Royal North Shore hospital.

I will be coming up to my two-year anniversary of being employed with the hospital after returning from travelling through Canada and the UK for the last 5 years.  I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Royal North Shore and the current post graduate critical care course I am undertaking has really solidified my love for nursing and thirst for knowledge.

Ultimately, once I have complete this course, I hope that it will give me the fundamentals I need to begin to enhance all aspects of my critical care skills and aid others in improving theirs.

Having family that come from a medical background, I have always had an interest in everything healthcare and I look forward to using this course as a foundation for creating a long and interesting career within this great field. It is rare to to find an occupation you can find positive aspects in, everyday, and I am proud to say even on the bad days, I can still smile and be content that I’ve made the most rewarding career decision possible.

Kelly Harbour

My name is Kelly Harbour and I am currently working as a Registered Nurse in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital. I started in this position as a new graduate in 2013 and immediately grew a strong passion for intensive care nursing. Exposed to both nursing and medical excellence in the intensive care unit, my goals became to practice each working day based on evidence, with sound pathophysiological knowledge and superior nursing skill.

The Northcare Foundation has contributed tremendously to the finalization of my Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing and eased the financial burden to continue studies post graduation.  I am now enrolled in a Masters in Advanced Nursing Practice with a hope to become a mentor and advanced practice nurse similar to those who inspired me when I began my role at RNSH. I am sincerely grateful for the support Northcare has provided to me.

Katrina Mann

My name is Katrina Mann and I have been a registered nurse in the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit for almost three years. Before commencing in ICU I completed my New Graduate year in the Gastrointestinal and Cardiothoracic wards at RNSH. In completing the Postgraduate Certificate in Critical Care I have found that I am a more skilled and confident member of the ICU team. I have been able to improve upon my current clinical practice by expanding and building on my foundational knowledge base. This year I have gained skills that benefit my personal and professional development as I look to increase my contributions to more senior roles in the unit.  The Northcare Scholarship has made postgraduate studies more accessible to me and allowed me to continue my professional development in an area that I am passionate about.

Melissa Owens

Hi my name is Mel, and I am a clinical nurse in the neuroscience intensive care. I have over 4 years of experience in intensive care and a passion for neuroscience. In the Royal North Shore ICU I really appreciate the culture of knowledge sharing, which benefits all in the ever-changing world of healthcare. In intensive care, our patients experience their worst, most acute health situations, requiring the best and most attentive care. As ICU nurses, we require a high level of understanding regarding pathophysiological processes and sound evidence-based practice in order to provide excellent care. I aim to continuously improve my intensive care expertise, particularly in the area of neuroscience. This year I was able to complete a graduate certificate in critical care nursing, which has helped consolidate my knowledge and skills, including improving my ability to seek information from the recent literature. The Northcare scholarship has eased the financial burden of postgraduate studies, allowing me to contribute to the collective knowledge of the Royal North Shore intensive care; ultimately benefitting our patients and the community.

Liu Liu

My name is Liu Liu and I am currently working as a registered nurse in General Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital. I am undertaking post-graduate study for Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing through the University of Technology Sydney in 2016.

Nursing has been an aspiration of mine since I was young and I became a nurse with the support and encouragement of my parents. Since graduation in 2010 I have had the amazing opportunity to work in both Emergency and Intensive Care. My career goal is to attain a position in the Critical Care environment as a Research Nurse. Working at Royal North Shore Hospital has given me an excellent opportunity to pursue my dream career due to its unique nature as a tertiary care teaching hospital with a broad range specialties, a holistic approach to care that is entrenched into the hospital’s ethos, and supportive management that encourages professional development.

Richard Wang

My name is Richard and I currently work in 6F, a neuroscience intensive care unit at Royal North Shore Hospital. For the past two years working as an intensive care nurse, I have come to value the importance of tertiary education, and how it ensures that the most complex and highest level of care is delivered to my patients’ and families.

My growing passion to improve my critical care knowledge and skills, has lead me to study a Graduate Certificate in Critical Care with the University of Technology, Sydney. This certificate will enhance my knowledge and nursing skills, allow me to provide greater quality of care to my patient and their family, and function as an important resource member of ICU. With the completion of my certificate I aspire to make a valuable contribution to critical care nursing, and uphold the tradition of health care excellence at Royal North Shore Hospital.

NorthCare Foundation’s scholarship would really lift a huge financial worry during my postgraduate study. I believe your investment in the professional development of my nursing career would inspire me to continue learning and encourage me to become a better critical care nurse in the intensive care unit.

Paul Weir

My name is Paul and I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist at Royal North Shore Hospital, Department of Intensive Care Medicine. Throughout the past 11 years of employment in RNSH ICU, I have made an extensive contribution to the ICU and have been validated as a CNS for 8 years with, re-validation yearly. I retain significant military responsibilities to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). I have been fortunate to have extensively deployed into a variety of complex and austere combat environments. I have successfully completed Post-Graduate qualification in Critical Care Nursing and Cardiothoracic Nursing. I am currently working towards a Masters of International Public Health / Masters of Health Service Management at the University Of New South Wales. This scholarship represents to me an opportunity to fully focus my attention on the main objective of achieving the best I can in the above Masters Program. These studies will enable me to further contribute and develop clinical practice and to promote excellence in the Intensive Care Unit. My interests lie in health management, military trauma, CBRNE and public health preparedness. I would like to acknowledge the Northcare Foundation for their support of?nursing education.

Michael Grew

My name is Michael Grew, I am a registered nurse and have been employed at Royal North Shore ICU since November 2013. I began my nursing career in 2011 at Bega District Hospital and have worked in a variety of wards including general medical and surgical areas and cardiothoracics.

In 2016 I decided to undertaken a graduate certificate in critical care which has improved my knowledge and practice of caring for the critically ill patient in intensive care while using evidenced based practice. Funding from the Northcare Foundation has made it possible for me to undertake the graduate certificate at the University of Technology Sydney. It will allow me to advance my career in critical care by taking on senior positions such as Clinical Nurse Specialist, mentor junior staff commencing in intensive care and ultimately provide better critical care to patients. I am extremely grateful for the generosity and funding provided to me by the Northcare foundation.

Tessa Lucas

Hi my name is Tessa Lucas, I have been working in RNSH ICU for 4 years in this time the Northcare scholarship has assisted me throughout my studies and completion of a Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing and continuation into a Masters of Advanced Nursing. This scholarship and further studies has allowed me to become a clinical nurse specialist within the ICU, be given opportunities as a team leader, clinical nurse educator (CNE) and after hours’ nurse unit manager (AHNUM). Without the Northcare scholarship and ongoing support throughout my studies I may not have been able to complete my studies without significant financial burden. The Northcare Foundation has allowed me to expand my clinical expertise and knowledge in advanced intensive care clinical practice, assist in the development of new clinical guidelines and policies and enabled me to preceptor new graduate nurses throughout my 4 years at RNSH. Additionally, I hope to extend my practice from this further study to advance to a nurse practitioner role in the future.

Tahlia Freeman

My name is Tahlia Freeman and I work as a Registered Nurse at Royal North Shore Hospital in the general Intensive care Unit. I started fresh as a direct New Graduate entry into ICU in 2014. I quickly developed a passion for the critical care area. To nurse any patient or family through some of their darkest hours is a great honour. An ICU nurse requires a vast array of knowledge. By undergoing my postgraduate certificate in critical care I am excited to enhance my skills and further my love and understanding in the area. The Northcare scholarship enables nurses to further pursue their education and practical skills in an intense environment. It gives ongoing support to many nurses to which we are all enormously indebted.

Sarah Garner

My name is Sarah, I am a 3rd year Registered Nurse working in the Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital. Working here has allowed me to develop an understanding and passion for intensive care nursing. The education and support that I have received has been phenomenal and I am privileged to work along side such an amazing ICU team. I am currently undertaking my graduate certificate in critical care nursing thanks to the support of the Northcare Foundation scholarship. The Northcare Foundation has given me the opportunity to further develop as a critical care nurse, enabling me to deliver safe and more effective nursing care to provide the best possible outcomes for patients and their families.

Rosalie Burns

My name is Rosalie and I share responsibility for the coordination and supervision of critically ill patients within the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit. I have recently been acting in the position of Nursing Unit Manager within the neuroscience intensive care unit and this course will directly assist in furthering my knowledge base which is needed to assist in managing an intensive care unit in the future. I wish to express my appreciations to the Northcare Foundation and thank them for the opportunity to make this application.

Victoria Stockdale

My name is Victoria, I am currently a CNS and have been working in the unit since 2010.  I am a dedicated ICU nurse with over 15 years of critical care nursing experience.  During this time I have worked at the bedside looking after complex ICU patients, as an ICU research coordinator, as a member of the rapid response team and I have completed a rotational position as After Hours Nurse Unit Manager in ICU.

Prior to joining RNSH I gained both a Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing and a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Science, Intensive Care Nursing.  Having decided I wanted to complete further post-graduate study I enrolled in a Masters of Applied Management (Nursing) at the University of Newcastle in early 2016.  I am studying part time whilst continuing to work in ICU and raising two young daughters and aim to complete my studies in the first trimester of 2018.

Tyson Perrin

My name is Tyson Perrin and I am currently a full-time employed registered nurse working within the neurosurgical ICU of RNSH since March 2013

The core drive behind my chosen career path commenced during a critical care undergraduate placement during my third and final year of my nursing bachelor degree in 2011 where I was placed in the previous RNSH 6C Neurosurgical ICU for a 4-week period. This planted the seed for what has evolved my speciality in intensive care nursing.

I have immersed myself within this specific field of healthcare since April 2012 when I gained initial nursing employment in the RNSH neurosurgery ward chasing my keen interest in neuroscience. My progression from endorsed enrolled nurse to registered nurse consisted of a confirmed position in the transitional registered nurse program with NSW Health – NSLHD. Following completion of the 12-month program, a successful interview and confirmed employment within RNSH ICU has boosted my development towards my goal of Clinical Nurse Specialist in Neurosurgical Intensive Care.

By committing to and accomplishing postgraduate study, I will develop my critical care nursing skills to benefit the health of the public population. The Northcare scholarship will provide significant financial relief and assist in achieving these career goals. RNSH ICU is an exceptional department to be a part of and I am proud to be making beneficial contributions to the care of critically ill patients.

Zara Lord

My name is Zara Lord, I am a 6th year Registered Nurse with almost four years experience in intensive care nursing at the Royal North Shore Hospital. I am currently undertaking a Graduate Certificate in Critical Care thanks to the Northcare Foundation. This will enable me to further develop as a critical care nurse, to provide safer, more effective and evidence based care, as well as teaching me vital education tools for my future professional development. It will also enable me to apply for a broader range of roles within the intensive care unit and assist me to carry out these roles more proficiently. I am overwhelmed by the education and support that I have received while working at the Royal North Shore Hospital and know that it is because of this support that I am the nurse that I am today and continue to be as passionate about nursing as I am. This support also means that I have an incredibly proficient team around me to deliver safe, effective nursing care.

Vivienne Leigh

My name is Viv Leigh.  I am a registered nurse in the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital where I have been employed for almost three years.  I was fortunate to have gained direct entry into the ICU graduate programme in 2014 and continue to be challenged and inspired by the critical care environment. Completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing through the University of Technology Sydney, alongside the Clinical Accreditation Programme through Royal North Shore Hospital has greatly developed my body knowledge and clinical experience within the critical care arena.  This education has not only supported and complemented my current employment position but will open up further opportunities for growth and development in the future.

The Northcare Foundation Scholarship has assisted in relieving the financial pressures associated with continuing education.  Thus allowing me to continue on with further postgraduate education in 2017 when I plan to work towards a Master of Clinical Science through the Joanna Briggs Institute, University of Adelaide. Thank you to the Northcare Foundation for creating this opportunity.

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