2015 Recipients

Miriam Lyman

My name is Miriam, and I have recently completed my graduate diploma in Nursing, majoring in critical care nursing. This diploma completes the second year of my Masters of Nursing which I endeavour to have completed at the closure of first semester this year. The studies which I have completed to date have allowed me to extend my clinical practice in intensive care, enabling me to provide nursing care to a range of complex clinical situations in order for me to contribute to the healthcare team in providing the best possible outcomes for patients and their families. Moreover, the theoretical knowledge and clinical skills which this course has given has equipped me to extend my professional roles within ICU to act as nursing Team Leader, Preceptor to newly graduated nurses and to assist in the development and role-out of new clinical guidelines. Additionally, I have undertaken a range of subjects which has exposed me to multiple different fields of nursing. These include management and leadership, education, quality assurance practices and research. Studying each of these areas has allowed me to identify the aspects of nursing which I feel most enthusiastic about and where my strengths are focuses. Subsequently, this degree has helped me identify nursing research as the direction which I would like to take my nursing career. The Northcare Foundation has been of tremendous benefit in assisting with scholarship funds towards my area of study, which in turn has expanded my knowledge, skill and confidence in many aspects of nursing.

Sarah Webb

Sarah Webb is the Transitional Nurse Practitioner at Royal North Shore Hospital. She has worked as an ICU nurse for eleven years and has worked at RNSH ICU since 2007. During this time she has been encouraged to develop her clinical and professional skills through a number of professional opportunities including; Clinical Nurse Specialist, ICU Clinical Coordinator, ICU Quality Coordinator and ICU Educator and as well as becoming a registered midwife and gaining some experience in aeromedical retrieval. In 2012, she became the first Resuscitation CNC at RNSH and in 2014 she began a pilot program for an ICU Nurse Practitioner role. The Northcare Foundation has been pivotal in Sarah’s professional development and expansion of knowledge and skill by providing scholarship funds that have contributed to the cost of her postgraduate studies. This scholarship has significantly reduced the financial burden of postgraduate study that often prohibits nurses from pursuing professional careers in nursing. Sarah has completed a Master of Nursing (Intensive Care), a Graduate Diploma of Midwifery and a Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner). In the future, Sarah hopes to continue developing the ICU nurse practitioner role to increase the scope of practice of nurses within Intensive Care and to establish a new and exciting career path for critical care nurses.

Hailey Fenton

My name is Hailey Fenton and I am a Registered Nurse currently employed at Royal North Shore Hospital in the Intensive care Unit. I was accepted into the direct entry ICU new graduate program in 2010 and it was then that I developed a passion for caring for the critically ill patient. The post graduate degree in Critical Care Nursing has given me the opportunity to improve on my current nursing practice by expanding my previous knowledge through means of challenging, new and thought provoking assessment tasks and examinations. The Northcare scholarship has benefited me with ongoing support for continual education in the area critical care nursing for which I am extremely appreciative.

Sophie Momot

My name is Sophie Momot and I have been a registered nurse at RNSH Neuro-ICU for the past four years. In that time I have seen many nurses inspired to undertake further study and career progression. The Northcare scholarship has provided much of that inspiration due to the lack of financial burden experienced by its many recipients. These people have gone on to use their new found knowledge to give back to the hospital (i.e. Development of new evidence-based policies and procedures; becoming CNS, CNE, nurse practitioner; and contribution to education). I hope to continue this career culture once I have completed my postgraduate critical care certificate. I see the Northcare scholarship not only benefitting me but also the colleagues that surround me thanks to my advanced knowledge gained from my postgraduate studies. I am very grateful for receiving the Northcare scholarship and thank those who have the time and money to support its existence.

Anna Latimore

My name is Anna Latimore and I have been fortunate enough to work in the Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital for ten years. During this time I have been encouraged and supported to advance my knowledge and skills through continuing education and professional development opportunities. I have completed Post-Graduate Certificates in Critical Care Nursing and Clinical Teaching, and have recently completed my Master of Nursing, with a major in education. The support of the Northcare Foundation has allowed me to achieve my goals by providing the opportunity to continue my professional development and pursue my passion – the education and development of nursing staff.

Kelly Harbour

My name is Kelly Harbour and I am currently working as a Registered Nurse in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital. I started in this position as a new graduate in 2013 and immediately grew a strong passion for intensive care nursing. Exposed to both nursing and medical excellence in the intensive care unit, my goals became to practice each working day based on evidence, with sound pathophysiological knowledge and superior nursing skill.

The graduate certificate in critical care nursing is an integral stepping-stone to achieving these goals. The Northcare foundation has contributed tremendously to the finalization of my graduate certificate and eased the financial burden to continue studies post graduation. I am sincerely grateful for the support Northcare has provided to me, and also to the nursing mentors who have guided me in practice.

Andrea Dunne

My name is Andrea Dunne, I am a Registered Nurse who has been employed at Royal North Shore Intensive Care Unit since August 2011. Prior to this I have worked in a diverse range of other nursing fields including CCU and Sexual Health. Upon my second year of working in the ICU, I made the decision to continue my study and complete my post-graduate certificate in critical care at UTS. By completing the post-graduate certificate, I feel I have gained a wide range of education and experience to help my personal and professional development. The UTS post Graduate certificate in Critical Care Nursing has been extremely beneficial and provided me with the confidence to apply for more senior roles within the workplace. I look forward to having the opportunity to take on more responsibilities in our ward and growing professionally. The Northcare scholarship program has undoubtedly helped me achieve my goal of ongoing studies and I am extremely grateful for the generosity shown by those who have contributed to my post-graduate education.

Alicia Montague

My name is Alicia Montague and I am currently a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the General Intensive Care unit and part time Clinical Nurse Educator in the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit. I have been employed in the Intensive Care Unit of RNSH hospital since May of 2008 and am continually inspired by my colleagues to further my professional development through ongoing education. In 2014 I completed my Masters of Nursing Education through the University of Technology, Sydney.
The effect the provision of nursing scholarships from the Northcare Foundation has on the knowledge and quality of care provided by nurses in the Intensive Care Unit at RNSH cannot be adequately described in words however, can be viewed in the daily activities of the unit. The support of nursing staff from the Northcare foundation towards continuing education reduces the burden faced when contemplating further education, and can be a factor in determining whether to continue with tertiary study. Personally, I feel that this support has a positive impact on patient care and has contributed significantly towards my professional development through the knowledge gained by tertiary study and that of my colleagues through attaining the ability to effectively share the information to improve patient care through completion of a Masters in Nursing.

Tessa Lucas

My name is Tessa Lucas and I have been employed at Royal North Shore Hospital since January 2012 in the General Intensive Care Unit. I had completed a New Graduate program at North Shore Private in 2010, where I observed nurses completing postgraduate rotations (CAP) and the support the Northcare Scholarship provided to them. With the assistance of the Northcare scholarship I also have been able to complete a Graduate Certificate in Critical Care and continue on to undertake a Masters in Advanced Nursing, with minimal financial burden. The Northcare Scholarship has enabled me to pursue my career goals, expand my clinical practice and enhance skills relating to caring for the critically ill, within the intensive care environment.

Alissa Foley

My name is Alissa Foley. I am a registered nurse in the intensive care unit at Royal North Shore Hospital where I have worked over the last 4 years. After graduating from Charles Sturt University I completed my new graduate program at Royal North Shore Hospital on the orthopedic and cardiology wards. Following this, I was fortunate enough to gain a position in the cardiothoracic intensive care unit, as well as some time in the general intensive care unit. This opened my eyes to the world of critical care nursing and made me eager to develop my clinical and professional skills in this area. I was encouraged to further my career by completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Critical Care, which I undertook in 2014 through UTS. This formal education greatly developed my body of knowledge and competence within the critical care area. This is especially important for me as a critical care nurse due to the need to care for extremely sick patients. The Northcare Scholarship made it possible for me to take the next step of completing my postgraduate certificate. The professional development I have gained does not stop at me, as I am able to share my knowledge and experience with colleagues to improve patient care.

Kabita Shadha

My name is Kabita Shadha, I work in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital and have now completed a Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing. Completing the Graduate Certificate has enabled me to gain a greater understanding of disease processes and an appreciation of the importance of evidence based practice in the care of the critically ill. I am grateful for the support provided by The Northcare Foundation, in encouraging the bedside clinicians to advance their knowledge and practice. I look forward for the continued support in the future.

Elliot Williams

My name is Elliot Williams and I am an Intensive Care Nurse in the General ICU at Royal North Shore Hospital. My nursing career started at the age of 19 as an Enrolled Nurse working on the Neurosurgery Ward at RNS. During my two years as an Enrolled Nurse, I undertook my Bachelor of Nursing where I sub-majored in critical care. This lead me to join the New Graduate Registered Nurse programme in the ICU at RNS where I am now starting my 4th year of practice. North Care has contributed to my practice by providing funding for my postgraduate qualification, which I completed in 2014. The Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing is a clinical qualification focused on broadening skills and knowledge in critical care nursing and anatomy and physiology respectively. This qualification gives me the opportunity to contribute further to the Intensive Care Unit as a clinical resource for other nursing staff, as well as afford me the opportunity to apply to undertake more senior positions in the ICU, including Clinical Nurse Specialist, Team Leader, and many others.

Jenna Gacoin

My name is Jenna Gacoin and I am currently working in the General Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital since January 2013. As a registered nurse, I firmly believe in furthering my knowledge in the workplace in order to expand my skills and to gather as much experience as possible.
Having previously obtained a Post-Graduate Certificate in Acute Care nursing, I decided to further expand my learning by enrolling in a Master of Nursing (Advance Clinical Practice in the Critical Care Setting) with a major of Education.

Access to a Master degree was only possible with the help and support provided by the Northcare Foundation: the assistance they provide means more nurses, like myself, can pursue and undertake further education and achieve a greater position within their nursing career. I am grateful for their assistance and look forward to expanding and developing my skills and knowledge in the future with the help of the Northcare Foundation.

Nicholas Adam

My name is Nick, and I’ve been a Registered Nurse in the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care unit at Royal North Shore Hospital for the past 3 years. I was fortunate to get a New Graduate position directly into ICU, and have embraced as many opportunities as possible to advance my knowledge and return my newly gained skills and knowledge to the bedspace to improve patient care. Some of the courses that I have attended include Foundations of Clinical Practice – Critical Care, Clinical Accreditation Program – which for me, involved 2x 3month rotations to Hornsby ICU and Manly ED. I also concurrently studied my Post Graduate Certificate in Critical Care through UTS which allowed me to apply the areas of learning to my clinical practice, reflect and improve overall patient care.

These qualifications also open many opportunities for career furthering positions such as Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), Team Leader and many rotational positions within the critical care and wider health service.

This introduction to post-graduate studies has inspired my professional practice, and I would like to continue my education in the nursing field in the future and access to many courses is made possible through the generous funding of the Northcare Foundation.

Mary Chigwidden

‘Hi my name is Mary and I have been working in the General Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore for the past four years. Prior to commencing at Royal North Shore I was working in Intensive Care at Tamworth Base Hospital where I gained experience in rural and retrieval critical careservices. It was on commencing at Royal North Shore that I felt the need to expand my knowledge base and was keen to take advantage of the fantastic educational support available within the unit. I commenced my Postgraduate on Critical Care Nursing soon after and was dully rewarded in that the course quickly allowed me to expand my knowledge and practice in a manner that gave me greater confidence in my own abilities in the careof critically ill patients. It is in saying this that particular thanks must be given to the Northcare Fund that provided me with the financial support to undertake the course in the first place. The course has opened many doors for me in my career as a nurse in Intensive Care and has given me the much needed educational grounding to better care for critically ill patients and it is for this reason I am most greatful to Northcare for their support.’

Bhuwan Upreti

“My name is Bhuwan Upreti and I have been working in Cardiothoracic ICU in Royal North Shore Hospital for eight years as a Registered Nurse. I was keen to do Graduate Certificate in Critical Care since I started to work in ICU. Because of my personal circumstances, I could not do the course that I  always dreamed of.  I would like to thank the North Care Foundation for providing financial support to me to continue this course. I am very confident that this course will help me to advance my knowledge and skill which I can implement to provide quality patient care. It will also provide me an oppertunity to share my knowledge and skills to work colleagues and nursing students’ for their professional growth.”

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